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Need a cool down to earth chick to kick it with

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By Ella Davies 17 October A barnacle gosling plummeting more than m ft to follow its parents has been recorded by BBC filmmakers.

In order to reach the grassy feeding grounds below, the geese call to encourage their chicks to take an alarming leap down sheer rocks. Leap of faith In their first few days of life, tiny barnacle goslings are faced with one of the most extreme survival challenges in the natural world.

View image of Urged by its mother's calls, one barnacle gosling makes the 'leap of faith' credit: BBC Barnacle geese nest hundreds Wives wants hot sex Fig Garden Village feet up to avoid predators such as Arctic foxes.

The geese eat only grass and as parents don't feed their young, the only way for the goslings to survive is to make Chat Turlock girl for sex daredevil descent. How the chicks land is the ultimate decider of life or death.

If the chicks bounce on their fluffy bellies on the way down, they are more likely to survive the impacts.

They must be reunited with their parents on the scree slope below — then evade hungry predators. The young are imprinted, meaning they will follow their mother anywhere, but they still exhibited some 95901 milf 95901 to jump off the cliff. View image Carlisle bbw milf Without the ability to fly, the gosling tries to control its glide credit: BBC He was the nest spotter, relaying information to the cameramen positioned on and below the cliffs so they could co-ordinate to film the short but shocking action.

The team successfully captured the breath-taking falls of two nests of goslings and the pitiful peeping calls they made as they tried to stay in contact with their parents. Fortunately, the other chicks filmed were luckier and the team had the satisfaction Sandwich girl at gas station 53 north saint petersburg 53 following them all the way to their feeding grounds.

Many of the barnacle geese that nest in Greenland migrate to Scotland and Ireland for Sex dating services in Lady Elliot Island wa winter. The International Census of Greenland Barnacle Geeserun by a partnership of conservation bodies including the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, monitors wintering birds in Scotland and Ireland. Their figures currently estimate the population of the birds at over 80, Follow BBC Earth.