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EcoPesticides signed a microbial pesticide technology license agreement with STC.UNM

release time:2020-08-21

Recently, EcoPesticides of the United States and the University of New Mexico technology transfer and economic development organization STC.UNM signed a licensing agreement on the new technology of "green" microbial pesticides. The license agreement includes microbial pesticide formulations and packaging and transportation technologies that are currently being patented, which can improve the effectiveness of pesticides.   "Green" microbial pesticide technology uses bacteria and fungi in nature to kill specific target insects. Living biological materials need to be encapsulated with biopolymers to protect them from ultraviolet rays and heat to extend the viability and stability of living products. EcoPesticides products pose no threat to human, animal health, beneficial insects and the environment.    EcoPesticides President and CEO Les Stewart said that agricultural companies, governments, investors and the public are increasingly demanding alternatives to chemical pesticides. They have gradually realized that some chemical pesticides do more harm than good. The EcoPesticides technology can expand the scope of application of microbial pesticides, directly targeting target pests, and causing very little damage to non- pests. The microbial pesticide market has a huge prospect. The market value is expected to reach US$5 billion in 2020, accounting for 10% of the global pesticide market.    EcoPesticides is a bio-pesticide research and development company headquartered in New Mexico. The company's products are used to control various pests. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EcoPesticides' current commercial activities are closely related to its product application range and pest control business, such as locust and grasshopper control.

Cangzhou Panoxi Chemical Co.,ltd.(Jiangsu Panoxi Chemical Co.,ltd.)